Our Export Charges

   Example For 1000 kg In Order To Maldives.      


  • Labor Cost                         $  57
  • Packing Cost                     $  55
  • Transport Cost                   $ 140
  • Freight Forwarder Cost     $  950 ($ 0.95 per one Kilogram)
  • Total Cost                          $  1,202


   The Above Price Is Quoted Without The Price Of Goods.
   The Prices Of Goods On That Day May Vary According To The Market.
   When the prices of goods go down, we are reasonable to offer them at a lower price.
   If you order is 500 KG, for example, packing cost may go down, but the airline’s fees can go up. Because their rates vary by weight.
   Generally our other charges are packing fees, transportation fees and labor charges. You can see that those fees are very low.

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